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About Zina

Hi! My name is Zina
I am a a Proud Mom of 4 Beautiful Angels.
I just will like to give you a little background on why I started my business. 
I always like to be different and almost stand out in a room.  Even if that means other will laugh and make fun of me, I did not care.  So when it came to giving a gift to a friend or family member I want them to always know I took time on their gift.  Most of all the Gift must stand out and be the highlight of the Event. 
So the 1st time my Parents allow me to not only purchase a gift for a friend but to also wrap it.  I purchase Lip gloss, Body Mist, Lotion, and a Cosmetic Bag.  I used Bright Tissue Paper, Ribbons, Glitter and Tulle to wrap it. ( I really wish I took a picture of it but I was only 10yrs old and we are talking about in the 1980's).  My Friend did not want to open it and all the guest (kids & adults) could not believe I did it. 
The Gift was a "Creative Lookz  of Artz" this is also how I came up with my Business name. 
As I got older I started using Wicker Basket, Handbags, Suitcases, Flower Pots and more to present the gift.  Most of the time I try to match the theme of the Event/Party.  
Clartz Jewelry : Being I and my kids have very sensitive skin, I started making my own jewelry using Nickel-Free and Hypoallergenic material.  People would always ask where I get my Jewelry from,  I will say I made it.  So I started to do Custom Made Jewelry for others.  I can make Hook earring, Post earrings, Necklace, and Bracelet / Anklets. 
This is just a little about me and my talent that I wanted to share with others.  
Thank You for stopping by.  
Peace, Love & Happiness Always.  God Bless. 
Zina & Family