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Q. Do you have a storefront? 

A. No, not at this time.   We do travel and attend Craft Fairs, and Vending Events. Check our Upcoming Event page to see where we will be.   


Q. Can I bring items to you I want Wrapped or placed in a Basket?

A. Yes, We still charge a labor cost.  That cost depends on the Creative details that are needed to wrap the gift.  


Q. Can I Change items in a basket?

A. Most basketz can be customized to order, Unless it is a Gift Set or apart of a Promotional Sale. 


Q. How soon must I place my order for Events, Birthday's, Wedding's, etc.? 

A.  All orders need to be place 3 - 6 weeks in advance to assure that it will be done and shipped in time. 


Q. Do you have a Deadline date for Holiday Orders and Shipping the Order?

A. Yes! All Holiday orders need to be placed early enough especially if shipping is needed.  The Deadline are mostly 10 - 14 days before the Holiday.  Shipment happens within 24 hr after the deadline date. (ex; Christmas is Dec, 25 order deadline is no later then Dec 15 and all shipments go out by Dec 17) 


Q. Are your Custom Made Jewelry for sensitive skin?

A. Yes! We by USA made Nickel-Free Hypoallergenic material.  Plus if I can not wear it I do not use it, being I also have very sensitive skin to Jewelry.  


Q. Can I earn points as I Redeem points?

A. Yes!! you will always earn points for every $1.00 amount of the purchase. (ex: you have a $50.00 purchase.  You use 2000 Clartz Pointz for $20.00 off that purchase you still earn Points for the $30.00 Total )


Have a question or a Gift Idea.  Please reach out to us to have your Creative Custom Made Gift Stand out.  Please make sure to put the date of the event, so that we can have it out on time. 

Your feed back helps to make our service better.  Thank You!