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Vegetable Peeler
Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable Peeler

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The Rada Cutlery Vegetable Peeler is one of our most popular and celebrated products, and with good reason.  

  • This stainless steel vegetable peeler features a surgical-quality, high-carbon blade for easy peeling of a wide variety of vegetables, including carrots, cucumbers, or potatoes. Don’t let the name fool you, though, as it’s equally useful at peeling fruits such as apples or peaches. It’s also useful for making chocolate or butter curls for that perfect garnish, and its edge is ideally-suited to remove eyes from potatoes.

    The blade isn’t just sharp, but versatile. Its ingenious swiveling design, with a dual-edged blade, is designed so that it works equally well when used by right or left-handed cooks, and whether the peeling motion takes the peeler away from or towards you. If you’ve ever yearned for a left-handed vegetable peeler, look no further.

    Don’t just take our word for it. Millions of customers have found the Rada Vegetable Peeler to be an indispensable asset to their kitchen. 

    Blade Length: 1 3/4 inches

    Total Length: 7 1/4 inches

    Blade Material: High Carbon Surgical Quality Stainless Steel

    Black Handle Material: Stainless Steel Resin

    Silver Handle Material: Cast Aluminum

    Country of Production: USA

    Product Warranty: The Rada Guarantee

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